Just a few happy Dogs

Here a just a few of the comments that I have had from happy clients. As you can see just small changes can make a huge difference!!

Madi - Daushaund

"Within an hour approx she willingly got in her bed and went to sleep for about 2 hours..... Malc and I were shocked..... we had Madi free time to ourselves where we could just chill and watch tele and best bit...... malc didn't sleep on the sofa either!!!!!!!"

Norfolk Terrier

"Just a few small changes made a big difference to my dogs behaviour.
When I thought about what Laura had told me it all made sense. Laura is easy to get along with and is passionate about helping owners and their pets. Thank you Laura."

Barney - Springer Spaniel

"Barney who? I have a completely different dog now! He is so chilled out, I do my 5 mins round the block, and he still waits by the window, but he's not all dribbley and anxious, his lead walking is fab, not wanting to mark as much, well, I don't let him anyway! Dave left him home alone last week for 4 hours and my neighbour said he made 3 very short howls, not enough for her to go get him, he just seems so much more relaxed - Can not thank you enough"